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Thanks so much for stopping by Lifting Souls Fitness!  Lifting Souls Fitness was started by Jonathan and Ashley Ross in Denver Colorado.  As fitness addicts, health nuts, and all natural bodybuilders, Lifting Souls Fitness knows what it takes to build a healthy, happy lifestyle that is guaranteed to lift your soul and give you the tools you need to be successful in your fitness journey. This online fitness website was created for anyone that is trying to get healthy and get fit and look great doing it!

Lifting Souls Fitness is dedicated to giving our customers the best in fitness fashion, excellent tips and workouts, awesome entertainment, and unmatched information and customer service.  Our products are carefully chosen by U.S.A. vendors and manufactures to ensure the best quality at the best price with fast local shipping. From fitness apparel, equipment, gear, and accessories, Lifting Souls Fitness is all you need to get geared up and start working out in style. 

We are so thrilled to show you everyone’s one stop shop for all your health and fitness needs!  Whether you are just looking for the best new styles of high quality fitness apparel, looking to build your own state of the art home gym, need workout tips and videos, advice on how gain muscle and lose weight naturally and organically, need advice for working out while pregnant, injury prevention and warmup techniques, or just looking for some words of encouragement or stories that lift your soul, Lifting Souls Fitness is right up your alley.

When It comes to Fitness apparel, we are your first new stop when surfing the net. With new styles, brands and colors to choose from, there is a excellent chance that you will find something in every style and budget.  Lifting Souls Fitness continues to work with high quality fitness manufacturers to constantly update our gallery and give you a fresh selection of products and all the top premier fitness fashion. From high grade tri-blend fabrics to simple poly and cotton, your choices are wide and the decision is easy. If it is commercial or home equipment you are looking for, Lifting Souls Fitness gears you up with high quality and rugged equipment for all shapes and sizes.  Get a mat and some blocks to do yoga or check out all of our benches that look and feel great while still giving you the best possible price online. 

Lifting Souls Fitness also prides itself on only working with U.S. companies with majority of our products also being produced right here.  This gives the customer the assurance of great quality and fast shipping. Amazon and other retailers may have free shipping, but the majority of their products come from China and can take very long time to ship and the quality of fabric is not going to reach the bar set by our fitness professionals.  We offer you a quality product with fast shipping at the best price.  What more could you want in a Fitness web store? How about excellent customer service. You can always contact us by phone, email, or social media. We have a very quick response time and we are eager to prove to you that we are the best.  Any questions about our products, blogs, content, exercises etc, feel free to contact us anytime. 

We hope to grow into one of the most elite fitness websites on the internet, we are glad you will be here to to join our fitness community, and we are thrilled to share our fitness journey and hear about yours! Welcome to the Lifting Souls Fitness family where we lift your mind, your body, and your soul!