About Lifting Souls Fitness

About Lifting Souls Fitness


 Thank you for stopping by Liftingsoulsfitness.com!  We are so excited to share with you our one stop shop for all your health and fitness needs!  Lifting Souls Fitness was established in 2017 by health nuts and all natural bodybuilders, Jonathan and Ashley Ross, from Denver Colorado.  During the course of their childhood, Jonathan and Ashley Ross were very active and involved in athletics.  Ashley’s Family sacrificed their time and money to allow Ashley to pursue her passion in athletics.  Ashley started competitive swimming at a young age and eventually found her passion for competitive cheerleading and competed for 10 years. Her cheerleading squad traveled and competed throughout the country and were able to cap it off in 2000 with a national championship in Las Vegas.  She felt that being involved in the sport allowed her to achieve the strength and confidence in herself that she knew she had but was unable to obtain.



  Jonathan Ross also grew up very active in athletics. When his mother got overwhelmed with energy bursts and watching him tackle his sister in the hallway, she knew she had to get him in sports to keep her sanity.  Through the support and encouragement from his family, Jonathan was able to excel in football, baseball, basketball and hockey.  Summer breaks were more like preparing for next season.  While much of his friends were hanging out at the mall or going to the pool, he engaged in a wide variety of sports camps and training with some of the best coaches, trainers, and athletes.  He loved every second of it and is grateful for the opportunities that he was able to have in sports. He learned that being in sports was an outlet to release bad energy, bond with teammates, and quench the urge for competition and discipline in his life. 



Jonathan and Ashley went to the same high school, but had never met until a few years after graduation.  It was instant love right from the first handshake.  In 2011, they knew they would be together forever and got married at the Beaver Creek Chapel in Colorado.  Since school athletics were gone and work and chores took more time, they created more and more excuses for eating fast food on the go and neglecting the gym.  The bad habits they had formed after sports led to illnesses, depression, and low self esteem. After Jonathan was diagnosed with Hoshimotos disease and the sudden death of his father from a heart attack, the time was of the essence to make a lifestyle change to avoid the same fate early in life.  They desperately wanted to improve their health and gain back the physical outlet that was lost after competitive sports.  After the first painful month of training, they were hooked.  The better they felt, the harder they worked.  They learned that fitness wasn't just about looking good in the mirror, it was about achieving total mind and body wellness.  So In 2017, the Ross’s decided to make their passion their career and share their success with the world.  That is when they launched Lifting Souls Fitness.  Their goal was to create a website that has everything you need to be equipped, confident and comfortable to blast through your workouts!



  Here at Lifting Souls Fitness, we want to help others to achieve their fitness goals and experience the many benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  Whether you are an experienced body builder, or someone that is just starting out on their fitness journey, Lifting Souls Fitness has everything you need to improve your mind, your body, and your soul.  We know that by making the same healthy decisions, you can take life by the horns and achieve your fitness goals and look good doing it!


  Thanks for stopping by our store and welcome to the Lifting Souls Fitness community!  We strive for greatness in everything we do.  Please share with us how we can improve your shopping and workout experience.  We would Love to hear from you!   Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for more recipes, workouts, and discounts at our store.