Strength Training Equipment

Strength Training Equipment

Lifting Souls Fitness

Strength Training Equipment


  If you are like us, we are always trying to get stronger and gain more muscle.  At Lifting Souls Fitness, we have the equipment for your favorite strength training exercise.  We carry the best weight chains to shock and confuse your muscles and promote growth.  We also have harnesses to strap ropes and weights and dumbbells to challenge every muscle in your body.  For weighted dips and seated abs, we have dip belts and ab slings.  Let’s get shredded with strength training equipment right here at Lifting Souls Fitness!

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18lb Weight Vest

Valor Fitness EH-18 18lb Weight Vest ..


53lb Lifting Chain

Valor Fitness LC-53 53lb Lifting Chain ..


Dip Belt

Valor Fitness DB-1 Dip Belt ..