Lifting Souls Fitness Weights


  Let’s get to lifting weights at Lifting Souls Fitness!  Whether you are looking for plates, Kettlebells or dumbbells, we have an incredible selection of your favorite weight set for your gym.  From vinyl coated dumbbells and Iron hex dumbbells, to bumper plates, Olympic plates, and indestructible kettle bells, we have the perfect weight set for your commercial or home gym.  These weights are strong, durable, and sylish for a worry free, amazing lift and they are only right here at Lifting Souls Fitness.

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10lb Bumper Plate X (4)

Valor Fitness BPX-10 10lb Bumper Plate X (4) ..


25lb Bumper Plate X (2)

Valor Fitness BPX-25 25lb Bumper Plate X (2) ..


35lb Bumper Plate X (1)

Valor Fitness BPX-35 35lb Bumper Plate X (1) ..


45lb Bumper Plate X (1)

Valor Fitness BPX-45 45lb Bumper Plate X (1) ..


55lb Bumper Plate X (1)

    Valor Fitness BPX-55 55lb Bumper Plate X (1) ..


Ankle/Wrist Weights 2-3lb Pairs Set

Valor Fitness EH-36 Ankle/Wrist Weights 2-3lb Pairs Set ..


Chrome Kettlebell-10 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-10 Chrome Kettlebell-10 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-12 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-12 Chrome Kettlebell-12 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-15 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-15 Chrome Kettlebell-15 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-18 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-18 Chrome Kettlebell-18 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-20 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-20 Chrome Kettlebell-20 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-25 lbs

        Valor Fitness CKB-25 Chrome Kettlebell-25 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-30 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-30 Chrome Kettlebell-30 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-35 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-35 Chrome Kettlebell-35 lbs ..


Chrome Kettlebell-40 lbs

Valor Fitness CKB-40 Chrome Kettlebell-40 lbs ..